When Is a Priest Not a Priest? When He’s Molesting a Child, Diocese Says of Lawsuit / The Star-Ledger

Chris Naples says something snapped inside him that January day.

“The Burlington County man sat in the gallery of the Delaware Supreme Court, watching as a lawyer for the Diocese of Trenton told the justices that the Rev. Terence McAlinden was not ‘on duty’ — or serving in his capacity as a priest — when he allegedly molested Naples on trips to Delaware in the 1980s.”

By Mark Mueller, The Star-Ledger — Click here to read the rest of this story.

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  1. #1 by glorybe1929 on June 10, 2014 - 3:09 PM

    What a Joke!. A priest is no different than any man. Lay all the words of the world on him and he does nothing extraordinary. There is no such thing as” trans sub stantiation”.! Made up words by clever evil men to make themselves look better than the average man. This is the greatest hoax since the Jone’s. town masacre of people falling for “crap reality”


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