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Massachusetts on Verge of Extending Statute of Limitations an Additional 32 Years

Bill Extends Time Limit on Sexual Abuse Lawsuits

The Massachusetts Legislature is on the verge of finalizing a bill that will give alleged child sexual abuse victims an additional 32 years to file civil lawsuits, a move one specialist said will open the door to thousands of new cases.

“The bill would extend the statute of limitations for filing suits against alleged perpetrators and, in future cases, the people or institution supervising them. Under the legislation, the victims would be able to file suits up to age 53, instead of the current limit of age 21.”

By Travis Anderson, Derek J. Anderson and Jennifer Smith, The Boston Globe — Click here to read the rest of this story

On June 19, 2014, CORSAL (Coalition to Reform Sex Abuse Laws) issued this press release: Statue of Limitations Bill Passes Unanimously in House and Senate, Advocates and Church Leaders Arrive at Compromise

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