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Critics: Bishops lag behind Pope’s promise to deal with abusive priests / KUAC-FM National Public Radio

Later this week, Pope Francis heads across the Atlantic – first to Cuba and then on to the United States. Such enormous crowds are expected in this country that authorities are still calculating how to handle them. One group, though, has mixed feelings about this hugely popular pope – they are people who, as children, were sexually abused by their priests. Many feel the church still has not entirely faced up to the problem.

The abuse of children by people they think are good leaves deep emotional scars. Becky Ianni of Alexandria, Va., was sexually violated over and over when she was 9 years old by a priest who was a family friend, a man she believed was God’s representative on Earth, someone she saw every Sunday when her parents took her to church.”

By Tom Gjelten, KUAC-FM, National Public Radio — Click here to hear and read the rest of this story.

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