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Frrancis Convenes First-of-Its-Kind Summit of Religious Institute Treasurers to Talk about the Use of Money / National Catholic Reporter

Pope Francis has asked the treasurers of the thousands of Catholic religious orders around the world to meet in Rome this weekend to discuss how they can use their orders’ financial assets ‘for the service of humanity.’

“The first-of-its-kind summit puts an unusual focus on the wealth of the orders.”

“(The event)  is to have 15 talks on issues ranging from the use of church property, to financial debts, to economic solidarity …

“Among other presentations listed for the Vatican event:

  • ‘Church property and its purpose,’ Jesuit Fr. Yuji Sugawara, dean of the faculty of canon law at the Pontifical Gregorian University;
  • ‘Charity, justice, and legality. The assets of Institutes and orders,’ Dominican Fr. Miroslav Konštanc Adam, rector of the Pontifical University of Saint Thomas Aquinas, commonly known as the Angelicum;
  • ‘Relationship between the service of authority and the service of the economy, in the good management of the institute,’ Br. Álvaro Rodríguez Echeverría, head of the De La Salle Christian Brothers;
  • ‘The missionary project and economic choices.’ Sr. Yvonne Reungoat, superior general of the Figlie di Maria Ausiliatrice;
  • ‘Towards a prophetic, communional economy with solidarity,’ Sr. Evelyne Franc, superior general of the Daughters of Charity.”

By Joshua J. McElwee, National Catholic Reporter —  Click here to read the rest of this article.

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