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Update on Voice of the Faithful’s Bishop Selection Project

Bishop Sash & crossLast week, Voice of the Faithful® sent a letter and proposal to Pope Francis outlining a demonstration project for restoring wider lay participation in the selection of a diocesan bishop. The effort would have national bishop conferences conduct demonstrations, report on the results, and then submit them to the Vatican for development of “best practices.”

The VOTF proposal, prepared by our Bishop Selection Committee, details the mechanism for collecting lay input via projects the national bishop councils would conduct within their own countries.

The method retains papal assignment of local bishops (thus avoiding what could easily become a decades-long revision of canon law) and shows how broad, local lay and clergy input can be incorporated in the recommendations sent to the pope for such assignments.

Here are the documents VOTF mailed to Rome:

Letter to Pope Francis

Furthering the New Evangelization: Consulting the Laity on Candidates for the Episcopacy

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