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The Synod could use a woman’s touch /

The Extraordinary Synod for the Family that will be held in Rome next month has attracted more attention than any synod since their introduction following Vatican II …

“Though celibate males are a statistically insignificant portion of the human race and even of the Church, the synod for the family will consist of post-middle-age celibate males who, in the phrase jokingly used by clerics, ‘have no children to speak of.’ Those men do not live in families, and probably have not done so since adolescence. They do not know of what they will speak nor the implications of what they will decide.

“Even worse, the larger portion of the Church and the group most intimately involved in the life of families — women — will only be present as a few decorative elements.”

By Fr. William Grimm, — Click here to read the rest of this story.

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Reforming the Vatican may be like nailing jelly to the wall; nothing sticks, but it does leave a mark

Vatican Reform May Be Slow, Bit It Is Inevitable, by Dr. John C. Keng,

In a commentary published on May 1 on, Father William Grimm threw out a punch line title: ‘Reforming the Vatican is like nailing jelly to a wall.’ He is right to say that jelly will not stick to the wall; however, it will leave a mark. Does it matter? I think so. It adds to the momentum of the global outcry to wake up the most chronically nostalgic papacy in recent memory and bring up-to-date anachronistic Church teachings.”

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