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With ‘Spotlight’ movie an award contender, Catholic reform movement assesses scandal / National Catholic Reporter (‘Spotlight’ received Best Picture Oscar a few days after the post was made)

The critically acclaimed movie ‘Spotlight’ could receive a Best Picture Oscar this Sunday. The film about how The Boston Globe investigated and brought to light clergy sexual abuse of children and its cover up in the Boston archdiocese has brought renewed awareness to the scandal worldwide.

“But many Catholics have had a heightened sense of the crisis all along. Some of those Catholics — determined to remain faithful while addressing the scandal — formed Voice of the Faithful only a couple of months after the Globe’s sensational January 2002 story appeared.

“VOTF continues its work nearly a decade and half later because the scandal remains — ‘a mass psychological dysfunction hidden in plain sight, which has stretched back decades or even centuries and will, unchecked, do precisely the same in the future,’ according to Peter Bradshaw’s “Spotlight” review in The Guardian.

“Amid the passionate indignation the scandal created, VOTF grew rapidly to comprise an international membership. Key to members is to remain faithful Catholics and to help redress and prevent scandal by changing the way the Church operates …”

By Donna B. Doucette, Executive Director, Voice of the Faithful, in National Catholic Reporter — Click here to read the rest of this commentary.

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Rocks & Reforms

By Donna B. Doucette, Executive Director, Voice of the Faithful®


Crazy Horse Memorial, South Dakota

I took a long trip this summer, across the country and back, along a northern route. Of the sights I recall, one especially stands out today: the Crazy Horse Memorial in South Dakota.

It’s unfinished. And huge. Ultimately, it will stand 563 feet high, the tallest sculpture in the world. The head of Crazy Horse alone will be 87 feet tall; that’s 27 feet more than the presidents’ heads on Mt. Rushmore.

Why do I mention this particular sight? Because, as I watched the movie at the visitor center and saw the progress made by one man and his family (no government funds) since the blasting/carving of the mountain began in 1948, I thought of you.

Actually, I thought of all VOTF members and wondered if perhaps we all should see how this one man–Korszak Ziolkowski–tried to carve an entire mountain on his own. And when he died, in 1982, his widow and seven of their children kept on carving.

They are still at it today. Rock by rock. Stone by stone. Decade upon decade.

Slowly the head of Crazy Horse has emerged from the stone.

Just as, slowly, word by word, prayer by prayer, and Catholic by Catholic, we see reforms coming into focus.

But you don’t carve a mountain in a day. Or a year. And you don’t change the Church in a mere decade.

As we continue our now-12-year journey, we should take joy in the reforms that emerge, however slowly; resist the landslides to the past; and remember that our “monumental” efforts will bring a living, joyful Church to our century.

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