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Church Wants to Model ‘Best Practice’ on Fighting Abuse, Vatican Says at U.N. Committee Hearings / National Catholic Reporter

Facing a virtually unprecedented examination of its record on child sexual abuse by a U.N. panel, a senior Vatican official today asserted that the Catholic church wants to be “an example of best practice” in the prevention of abuse.

“Italian Archbishop Silvano Tomasi, the Vatican’s representative to the United Nations in Geneva, spoke this morning to the Committee on the Convention of the Rights of the Child, a 1989 United Nations treaty which the Vatican ratified in 1990.

“Although the U.N. panel has no power to compel the Vatican to do anything, its body of experts is expected to make recommendations after the day-long hearing. In effect, today marks the first time senior Vatican officials have appeared before an independent body to defend the church’s handling of the abuse scandals that have erupted over the past decade.”

By John L. Allen, Jr., National Catholic Reporter — Click here to read the rest of Allen’s article. Allen will be a guest speaker during the Voice of the Faithful® 2014 Assembly:Turning Talk into Action to be held in Hartford, Connecticut, Apr. 5, 2014. Click here for information.

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