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Cases of Sexual Abuse Will Shock the Nation / Australian Regional Media

More than 4000 people have reported allegations of child sexual abuse to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse since it began in January. In the first day of public hearings in Sydney on Monday (Sept. 16), Commissioner Justice Peter McClellan warned the stories the commission had already heard would shock the nation. The commission has already heard the cases of nearly 400 victims, with a further 449 waiting to tell their stories and another 1178 people yet to be assessed for private hearings.” By of Australian Regional Media

Read the rest of this story by clicking here, and you may be interested in this editorial point of view from Australia’s Newcastle Herald, “Child Sex Abuse Inquiry.”

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Australian Catholic Church Could Lose Shield Against Legal Action

Church May Lose ‘Shield’

Victoria’s clergy sex abuse inquiry is likely to recommend at least six state laws be reformed to hold the Catholic Church to account, including removal of the legal ”shield” it has used to avoid being sued by victims. By Barney Zwartz, The Age

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Sexual Abuse Allegations & Claims of Church Cover-up Triggers Australian Government Inquiry

After a string of sexual abuse accusations against priests and claims of a Catholic Church cover-up, Australia’s primer minister ordered on Nov. 5 a federal inquiry into allegations of child sex abuse in state and religious institutions and community groups, according to Associated Press. The extent of scandal for the Church appears staggering. Following are just some of the articles covering the crisis that have appeared since the announcement earlier this month (stories generally are listed chronologically beginning with the most recent)  —

Although allegations have been made in the past, Australia now feels the full impact of the Church’s worldwide clergy sexual abuse scandal.

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