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Archdiocese Made ‘Astonishing’ Claim in Concealing Seattle Priest’s Sexual Offenses / Seattle Post Intelligencer

The Archdiocese of Seattle failed to inform Catholic faithful, and made an “astonishing” claim and “serious misstatements” in seeking to explain why a priest suspended from ministry for sexual misconduct with a teenager went on saying mass and conducting weddings, say former leaders of a diocesan review board.

“‘We urge you to consider releasing the documents of the review board relating to this matter, subject to not identifying any victims, so that the laity can have complete and accurate information,’ retired Judge Terrence Carroll and former U.S. Attorney Mike McKay wrote earlier this month to Archbishop J. Peter Sartain.

Or as Carroll put it bluntly in a Monday (May 12) interview: ‘By God, let those files be open so people can know what and who we are dealing with. We may have another case like this out there.’”

By Joel Connelly, Seattle Post Intelligencer — Click here to read the rest of this story.

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Archdiocese Was Warned of Priest’s ‘Egregious’ Behavior But Kept His Identity Secret / Seattle Post Intelligencer

The Archdiocese of Seattle ignored the recommendations of its own review board, keeping secret the restrictions put on a priest whose conduct the panel described as ‘egregious.’

“A decade later, it is facing the upset flock of a north end Catholic parish. Archbishop J. Peter Sartain and top deputies faced an angry audience of more than 150 parishioners at St. Bridget’s Church on Tuesday night.”

By Joel Connelly, Seattle Post Intelligencer — Click here to read the rest of this story.

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LCWR Sisters Receive Few Details from Sartain on Reasons for Vatican Concern or on Process of Investigation Going Forward

In his first address to representatives of U.S. Catholic sisters since his appointment in April 2012, the archbishop tasked by the Vatican to oversee their leadership group reportedly had little to offer regarding the reason for Vatican concern or how the process goes forward. Leaving Thursday’s (Aug. 16) closed-door meeting between Seattle Archbishop J. Peter Sartain and the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR), several sisters said they felt frustration at the lack of detail given by the prelate nearly 19 months into his mandate.” By Joshua McElwee, National Catholic Reporter

Read McElwee’s entire article, “Sartain Offers Few Details, Some Sisters Say,” by clicking here.

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Vatican’s Overseer Tells LCWR He’s a ‘Brother and a Friend’ / National Catholic Reporter

The archbishop given expansive oversight by the Vatican of U.S. Catholic sisters told their annual assembly Tuesday (Aug. 13) he seeks to be their “brother and friend.” The brief remarks by Seattle Archbishop J. Peter Sartain came in the opening session of the four-day meeting of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR).” By Joshua McElwee, National Catholic Reporter

Read McElwee’s entire article by clicking here.

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On St. Clare Feast, Catholics Support Sisters, Pray for Authentic Dialogue

Printed below is the news release disseminated by the Nun Justice Project, which is supported by Voice of the Faithful®, announcing that Catholics will pray in solidarity with the sisters this Sunday, Aug. 11, the feast of St. Clare, in advance of LCWR’s 2013 General Assembly next week, Aug. 13-17 (Download the Nun Justice Project prayer service for the feast of St. Clare by clicing here):

Contact: Erin Saiz Hanna 401-588-0457, Jim FitzGerald 773-404-0004

For immediate release: August 7, 2013

On St. Clare Feast  Catholics Support Sisters, Pray for Authentic Dialogue

WASHINGTON D.C. – Next week, hundreds of Catholic nuns are expected to gather in Orlando, FL for the annual meeting of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR).

On August 11, 2013 in solidarity with U.S. women religious, thousands of Catholics will join in prayer [link to prayer] on the Feast of St. Clare.

“The pope intentionally chose St. Francis as his namesake, and he has shown himself to be open to dialogue” stated Erin Saiz Hanna, spokesperson for the Nun Justice Project.  “St. Francis of Assisi’s sacred friendship with St. Clare is well documented.  St. Francis worked collaboratively alongside his sisters rather than against them. We pray Pope Francis, and Archbishop Sartain, will not only speak but listen and authentically dialogue with the sisters as St. Francis did with St. Clare.”

LCWR, an umbrella group representing 80% of the 57,000 nuns in the United States, remains under scrutiny from the Vatican’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF).  In the spring of 2012 the CDF issued a statement accusing LCWR of promoting “radical feminist themes” and “corporate dissent,” causing outrage among Catholics around the globe.

LCWR responded that the CDF statement was based on “unsubstantiated accusations’ and the result of a  “flawed process that lacked transparency.”  Last August, the organization’s president, Sr. Pat Farrell, announced that  “open and honest dialogue” would be LCWR’s next step with Archbishop Sartain who had been appointed to oversee the mandate.

Last summer, nearly 70,000 Catholics signed a petition and hundreds organized vigils to rally around the sisters.

“Catholics around the country have been inspired by the faith and work of the sisters and will continue to support them; we urge Pope Francis to recognize their commitment and contributions and dismiss the mandate,” said Jim FitzGerald, spokesperson for the Nun Justice Project.

The Nun Justice Project is a grassroots movement supported by the following organizations: American Catholic Council, Association for the Rights of Catholics in the Church, Call to Action, Catholics for Choice, CORPUS, DignityUSA, Federation of Christian Ministries, FutureChurch, New Ways Ministry, Quixote Center, RAPPORT, Voice of the Faithful, WATER: Women’s Alliance for Theology, Ethics and Ritual, and Women’s Ordination Conference.

For more information, visit

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