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Dissident Catholic Priest Network Pushes for Grassroots Church Reforms / Reuters

A new international network of reformist Roman Catholic priests is pushing to give lay people a bigger role in a Church that Pope Francis wants to bring closer to grassroots members. Speaking as dissidents from six countries met in Austria Oct. 11 for the first time, clergyman Helmut Schueller said the Church should draw on people in local parishes that are under threat of vanishing as the ranks of the priesthood dwindle.” By Michael Shields, Reuters

Read the rest of Shields’ story by clicking here.

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The 21st Century American Catholic: Guilty!

This blog was posted June 23 by a theologian/educator close to the situation in the Philadelphia Archdiocese and offers another view on Msgr. Lynn’s conviction on June 22 —

The 21st Century American Catholic: Guilty!.

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Lynn Convicted; Sad Day for the Catholic Church

Although the conviction of Msgr. William Lynn today in Philadelphia of child endangerment is a sad day for the Catholic Church, the conviction at least imposes a measure of accountability on the Church hierarchy for covering up the sexual abuse of children by Catholic clergy.

For years, Voice of the Faithful and other advocates have called on the Church to hold accountable bishops and other officials who abetted abuse by keeping it secret. Lynn is the first, and thus far the only, member of the Church hierarchy who has been held accountable for covering up abuse, and it took civil authorities to force that accountability.

Voice of the Faithful has been calling for years for transparency in the way the Church handles clergy sexual abuse and for accountability of those who have abetted abuse by keeping it secret.

Sadly, the civil authority now has had to bring to justice a Church official for endangering children by helping to keep their abusers’ crimes hidden instead of the Church being completely forthcoming years ago at the time the abuse occurred.

The Roman Catholic Church cannot hope to heal the deep wounds to victims, their families, faithful Catholics and the Church itself until the hierarchy is completely honest about this scandal and demonstrates a commitment to justice and accountability at least equal to that displayed by the court in Philadelphia.

Voice of the Faithful once again calls on the Vatican and the bishops to hold accountable those among them who knowingly failed to remove child sex abusers from the clerical ranks.

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One Week after USCCB 2012 Spring Meeting – What could we conclude the bishops are thinking?

Well, the bishops certainly don’t appear to have been thinking about the declining number of priests in the United States. Or the closing schools and parishes. Or the loss of moral authority stemming from bishops covering up clergy sexual abuse. Or the indictment of a sitting bishop. Or the trial of a former office of clergy head. Or the attacks on theologians for acting like theologians. Or the backlash against criticism of U.S. nuns choosing to work with the poor and marginalized instead of promoting the bishops’ agendas. Or adjusting their own Charter for the Protection of Children and Young People, which some of their own members don’t follow and in which loopholes haven’t been tightened despite recommendations by their own review board. Or the right of individual conscience, which would be the ultimate religious freedom.

From Voice of the Faithful’s point of view, accountability for clergy sexual abuse, transparency in Church governance and finances, lack of transparency that promotes scandal, and acknowledgment of the laity’s particular charismata, were farthest from the bishops’ minds.

Here’s a look at some of the media reports about the recent USCCB meeting. Included in the list are the bishops’ National Review Board’s 10th-year report and recommendations regarding clergy sexual abuse—

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Who’s funding the Catholic bishops’ religious freedom campaign?

The U.S. bishops’ campaign for religious freedom, “Fortnight for Freedom,” which kicks off today, is going to cost a great deal of money. Who is paying for it?

Religion News Service | Faith | Leaders & Institutions | Who’s funding the Catholic bishops’ religious freedom campaign?.

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African theologian questions church’s exclusion of women | National Catholic Reporter

Addressing 300 fellow theologians at the Catholic Theological Society of America meeting in St. Louis June 8, according to National Catholic Reporter, Jesuit Fr. Agbonkhianmeghe Orobator said the church “totters on the brink of compromising its self-identity as the basic sacrament of salvation” and that a particular concern is the church’s disregard of women.

Orobater wrapped up his address by saying, “I believe that it lies within the realm of possibility to transform our church into a truly catholic and richly textured (sic) patchwork of different genders, races, generations, orientations, ministries, and faith traditions that signify that saving presence of God in our midst.”

Here is a link to NCR’s entire report:

African theologian questions church’s exclusion of women | National Catholic Reporter.

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In Light of Child Abuse –

The second to the last paragraph probably will not surprise you…

In Light of Child Abuse –

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Theological society backs Vatican-criticized nun | National Catholic Reporter

Sr. Margaret Farely’s “Just Love: A Framework for Christian Sexual Ethics,” was condemned recently by the Vatican.

Theological society backs Vatican-criticized nun | National Catholic Reporter.

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Analysis: Bishops’ accountability still missing from abuse scandal – The Washington Post

A familiar litany…

Analysis: Bishops’ accountability still missing from abuse scandal – The Washington Post.

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Follow the policy, break the law | Patrick J. Wall

If you’re wondering how far the Catholic Church still has to go to address the clergy sexual abuse scandal properly, and how important it is for all of us to continue to work toward healing and renewal, read this short blog on the Canon Law bishops should be following, and read the blog comments, as well. Canon lawyer Rev. James Connell of the Archdiocese of Milwaukee will be the closing speaker at Voice of the Faithful’s 10th Year Conference this September in Boston.

Follow the policy, break the law | Patrick J. Wall.

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