Voice of the Faithful Statement on Release of Vatican’s McCarrick Report

November 10, 2020

Voice of the Faithful has long called for holding bishops accountable when they have covered up clergy sexual abuse or, as in the case of disgraced former cardinal Theodore McCarrick, were themselves guilty of using their positions of power to abuse minors and vulnerable adults. The Vatican today released its long-awaited report into McCarrick’s case.

As the summary of the Vatican’s report shows, the line of bishops complicit in covering up, and at least implicitly condoning, his behavior stretches from his peers in the USCCB all the way to the Vatican.

“Popes John Paul II and Benedict XVI both knew of the credible allegations against McCarrick,” VOTF President Mary Pat Fox said, “and the report summary names the bishops and curial officials who also knew. Clear repudiation and sanctions are needed against those still in office to demonstrate some effort at holding bishops accountable.”

Fox continued, “We also hope that Pope Francis will demonstrate his own sorrow for accepting the word of other bishops before, finally, ordering this investigation. An excellent demonstration would be accepting the resignations of all those involved.”

  1. #1 by paularuddy on November 10, 2020 - 4:02 PM

    Thank you, VOTF President Mary Pat Fox. If Mr. MdCarrick is still receiving Church support, he could be asked also to take responsibility for lying outright in his letter to Pope John Paul II denying the injury he did to others. A letter of repentance published in NCR would help. If he is self-aware at all, he would ask for professional help in drafting the letter to be of most use to the young men he victimized and the Church he failed.


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