WHAT CAN YOU DO? Following horrific Pennsylvania report on Catholic clergy abuse …

You can do a lot!

With the present heightened scrutiny of Catholic clergy sexual abuse and coverup, we have been receiving many calls at the VOTF office asking us what can be done. No baptized Catholic need ever feel helpless in the face of this ongoing scandal that has wounded so deeply the entire body of Christ. Our brief advice is this:
  • Click here to visit VOTF’s website and look under the PROGRAMS menu button at the top of the homepage. You will find a wealth of information and activities there — everything from combating clericalism, to using Broken Vessel™ Healing circles to help heal those harmed by clergy abuse, to saying prayers to help you through this crisis. After all, we have been at this so long that even bishops now use words like accountability that we made popular.
  • Click here to register for Voice of the Faithful’s 2018 Conference: Progress & Promise being held Oct. 6. In addition to hearing speakers and gathering with like-minded Catholics, you will be among the first to learn the findings of VOTF’s 2018 review of online diocesan financial transparency.
  • Click here to read “Ten Steps Toward Reforming the Catholic Church.”
  • Call us at (781) 559-3360 or email us at office@votf.org.
Finally, and always, “Keep the Faith, Change the Church.”

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