Philly Clergy Resorts to Spiritual Shaming


Click here to read: “Priests, parishes target Pa. legislators who backed sex-abuse bill,” by Maria Panaritis, The Philadelphia Inquirer, June 8, 2016


One lawmaker called it “electioneering.” Another grew emotional as she recounted being snubbed by a priest. A third penned a Facebook screed that became the buzz of the House of Representatives.

Legislators expressed outrage this week after they said they had been named by priests at Mass, in church bulletins or in some other way rebuked by the Catholic Church for supporting a bill that would let child sex-abuse victims sue individuals and private institutions decades after the abuse occurred.

Editor’s Note:

  • Revolting;
  • Church should be a sacred spiritual refuge not a bully pen;
  • Does Pope Francis condone these shaming tactics?
  • Is this how Jesus would approach this?
  • Kathy and I applaud these state legislators who have stood up for children and victims. They are far more Christ-like…

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