Catholic Church focus of abuse inquiry / Australian Associated Press

The Catholic Church has produced some of Australia’s worst pedophiles, and the child sex abuse royal commission wants to know why.

“The commission’s numerous investigations into child abuse in a number of Catholic institutions throughout Australia will culminate in a final hearing into the Catholic Church in February, 2017.

“The commission is seeking submissions about any factors that may have contributed to child sex abuse in Catholic institutions or affected the church’s response.

“The structure and governance of the Catholic Church and the Vatican’s role are among the issues that will be examined, along with what the church has done and plans to do to protect children and prevent abuse.

“Other issues identified by the commission include canon law, mandatory celibacy and the selection, screening, training and ongoing support and supervision of working priests.”

By Megan Neil, Australian Associated Press, on — Click here to read the rest of this story.

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