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Pope gives Vatican leadership withering critique /

At the end of a tumultuous year for the Catholic Church, in which divisions among senior leadership over the direction being set by Pope Francis were at times glaringly apparent, the pontiff on Monday delivered a blistering critique of arrogance, careerism, gossip, and division in the Vatican.

“Among other points, the pope denounced what he called ‘spiritual Alzheimer’s,’ meaning ‘a progressive decline in spiritual faculties,’ leading people to ‘build walls around themselves’ and to make ‘idols’ of their personal habits.

“After the broadside, some observers wondered if the pontiff might risk alienating the very aides he needs to motivate in order to implement his reform agenda, especially ahead of challenges set for 2015 on which he may need the help.”

By John L. Allen, Jr., — Click here to read the rest of this story.

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