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Melbourne priest expelled for sex abuse returns to Bosnian parish / The Age

A Catholic priest expelled from the Melbourne diocese for sexual abuse has been allowed to resume his duties in an overseas parish despite an explicit warning from Archbishop Denis Hart to the church hierarchy in Bosnia.

“The decision to assign Father Mato Krizanac to a parish in Bosnia raises further questions about the church’s resolve to clamp down on clerical sex offenders and dismantle its entrenched culture of protecting abusers.”

By Cameron Houston and Chris Vedelago, the Age — Click here to read the resst of this story.

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Vatican accepts resignation of Cardinal Sean Brady, leader of Catholic Church in Ireland / BBC News Northern Ireland

2010 lawsuit implicated him in covering up child rape in the 1970s (Associated Press in The Boston Globe)

The Vatican has announced that it has accepted the resignation of the leader of the Catholic Church in Ireland, Cardinal Seán Brady.

“Last month, Dr Brady, who has been the leader of Ireland’s Catholics for 18 years, confirmed that he offered his resignation to Pope Francis in July.

“His tenure had been beset by clerical child sex abuse scandals and claims that he helped to cover up one case.”

By BBC News Northern Ireland — Click here to read the rest of this story.

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