Vatican: 848 Priests Defrocked for Abuse since ’04 / Associated Press

The Vatican revealed Tuesday that over the past decade, it has defrocked 848 priests who raped or molested children and sanctioned another 2,572 with lesser penalties, providing the first ever breakdown of how it handled the more than 3,400 cases of abuse reported to the Holy See since 2004 …

“The Vatican statistics are notable in that they show how the peaks in numbers over the years – both of cases reported and sanctions meted out – roughly parallels the years in which abuse scandals were in the news. And they showed that far from diminishing in recent years, the number of cases reported annually to the Vatican has remained a fairly constant 400 or so since 2010, the last year the scandal erupted in public around the globe. These cases, however, concern mostly abuse that occurred decades ago.”

By John Heilprin and Nicole Winfield, Associated Press — Click here to read the rest of this story.

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  1. #1 by glorybe1929 on May 7, 2014 - 12:48 PM

    Just because there are some cases that were years ago .doesn’ t change the poor souls that are being raped today , with a life the adults who have lived with this shame for decades of agony because of who it was( the priest, nun or brother) that defied their oath of purity to GOD and gave in to the evil all people must deal with in the world. Children trust naturally the man or woman of GOD. How sick is this hierarchy that passes off Sexual abuse by clerics as nothing??. All their talk for decades has been to change the subject.Example: the 2 sainted popes! The dialogue is getting very heavy on the subject of this evil done to .INNOCENTS and must be stopped ( they say) immediately by a better thought ( of equally nonchalant ) of this abuse, these 2 Popes to become saints. Look how many people bought their drivel. We are all the Saints of GOD if we’re in HIS WILL! Which they are not.


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