Victims Who Have Kept the Faith Will Pay for It


Click here to read, “Archdiocese to end tuition aid to children of abuse victims,” by Jeremy Roebuck, The Philadelphia Inquirer, March 11, 2014

Editor’s note: Let’s say you’re a victim. By some miracle, you’ve been able to separate your Catholic faith from the atrocity. You believe in the Catholic school system and want to share that gift to your children. Intellectually, you know that abuse can happen anywhere. You’re only hope is that the institutional Church will handle the responsibility better and that they are making amends for the past. Well that hope has just been shattered. The archdiocese has found another way to hurt you.

This is more than a ham-handed way to handle fiscal concerns. It is disgusting. I pray that those who left moronic comments on the Inquirer article post never endure victimization. They clearly could not intellectually or emotionally recover. If these parents wanted “free” stuff…

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