Pope Pressed on Bishop Who Supervised Pedophile / The New York Times

A group of Roman Catholics in Kansas City, Mo., and a priest with expertise in canon law petitioned Pope Francis this week (Feb. 14) to take disciplinary action against Bishop Robert W. Finn, who was convicted in 2012 of failing to report a priest who was an active pedophile.”

By Laurie Goodstein, The New York Times — Click here to read the rest of this story.

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  1. #1 by Buddy on March 20, 2014 - 9:57 AM

    Well as usual Pedophile Priest and their supporters are not a front burner issue at the Vatican nor in any Arch DIOCESES in the United States. Those Church Officials Cardinals, Arch Bishops, Bishops and Priest for some reason think they are above the Laws of the country of Residenance. Well Pope Francis says not true “they are all subject to the law’s of the Country of Residenance”. So us Parishioners have to take our heads out of the sand to protect our young, sorry it has to be that way,
    but as Pope Francis goes on to say these “Monsters and ther supporters must be turned over to law enforcement officials”. Pope Francis says I would rather have a damaged church but a clean church
    going forward…I also just dont get it how a individual Arch BIshop in ST Louis when the Camaras
    Roll he stumps for the UN BORN but shuffles,HIdes,Dodges and interferes with the law in Protecting
    Pedophile Priest. He also thinks Cannon Law Protect these individuals and thats his mission. Forget
    the Young BORN Children. Maybe we dont need to many Bishops/Arch Bishops/Cardinals in our church..Maybe we just need more clean Priest who are not involved in Careerism and Job Position Creep ie like corporations CEO,COO,CFO in the corporate ladder…They forget in time just who is paying the bills…..


  2. #2 by Buddy on February 24, 2014 - 10:15 AM

    Pope Francis..Act TODAY, not when a Commission is set up. Not when the Bishops meet in August
    2014..Not the 3nd Tuesday of next week…But Now,,,,The Pedophile Priest and The Bishops and Cardinals that are moving the Pedophiles around, other dioceses, need punishment . I cant believe
    no immediate action concerning this issue hasent take place already. How can a Church, a Pope and a house of Cardinal and Bishops take a Verbal Stance on ABORTION, unborn, and the same Individuals do nothing immediatly for the Parishioners Children assuring all are protected from our Pedophile Priest. and FIRE all Involved. It time for the Pope to give all involved a WAKE UP CALL “YOUR FIRED” starting with Arch Bishop of St. Louis Carlson “Bishop “YOUR FIRED”.He can get this all accomplished in a few weeks if he started today. I have mailed at least 6~8 letters to Pope Francis NO REPLY Recieved.over the last 10 months. Either his very well insulated by letter readers at the Vatican, only a few non politically modivated get through for a responce…Or he really dont care ??? Buddy


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