Nothing Will Change Until Cover Up Bishops Face Consequences


Click here to read: “Pope, prelates must punish sex offenders,” column by Elizabeth Eisenstadt-Evans, Lancaster Online, Jan. 23, 2014


While secular authorities have moved to punish offenders, Catholic church higher-ups haven’t moved to impose consequences on its own members, according to Susan Matthews, founder  of Catholics4Change a hub for conversation about reform.

“So far there hasn’t been a pope or someone within the hierarchy that has … called out the bishops in any way,” she said. “There is no accountability within the church.”

She’s hopeful that Francis can show the Catholic church is still relevant to young people taken aback by “do what I say, not what I do” hypocrisy, Matthews said. At the same time, there can’t possibly be a long-term solution to problems within the denomination “until the truth is exposed and accepted, there is accountability … and bishops are removed.”

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