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The Dangers of Clericalism in the Church Continue to Exist / Our Sunday Visitor

‘The pope is the successor of Peter. The bishops are the successors of the college of the apostles. The priests share in that to a limited degree. And that’s my summary of ecclesiology.’ That’s funny — as it happens, it’s my summary of clericalism. The words just quoted don’t come out of the Dark Ages — I heard them spoken just a short time back. I won’t name the speaker — he was talking more or less spontaneously and, with more time to prepare, might have given a better account of himself. Besides, the view expressed is probably widely shared among both clerics and lay people even today. The roots of clericalism do indeed go very deep.” By Russell Shaw, Our Sunday Visitor Contributing Editor — Click here to read the rest of this article.

Whether clericalism has been declining in the Church, as the author of the above article says, may be up for debate, but assuredly he left out one of the most egregious manifestations of clericalism. To just begin to see the problem, read this — “Vatican to Legion: Reform Has Only Just Begun.”

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