Who Are Going to Be the New Cardinals? / National Catholic Reporter

Pope Francis will be naming new cardinals during the next consistory, which takes place Feb. 22. The cardinals the Pope names obviously will be of great importance to the future of the Church, even, or maybe especially, after Francis’ pontificate. The article quoted below is from news analysis by Fr. Thomas Reese, senior analyst at National Catholic Reporter. Fr. Reese will be a speaker at the Voice of the Faithful® 2014 Assembly on April 5 in Hartford, Connecticut. Go to www.votf.org for more information on the 2014 Assembly: Turning Talk into Action.

Whenever a bishop dies or approaches 75, the age of retirement, I get phone calls from local journalists asking who I think will be his successor. I immediately tell them, ‘I don’t play Jimmy the Greek,’ because the honest answer is I don’t have a clue. Those that know don’t talk; those who don’t know speculate. The same is true for predicting who will be made cardinals, except here, guessing is a little bit easier because there are certain positions in the Vatican that are usually held by cardinals and there are certain archdioceses that are usually headed by cardinals. Who might be created a cardinal at the next consistory to be held Feb. 22?” Click here to read the rest of this article.

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