Lynn Court Decision Wasn’t About Right or Wrong


Father Chris Walsh sums it up best in the most recent article on Msgr. Lynn’s overturned conviction in the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Excerpt: “The decision ‘wasn’t about whether he did something right or wrong. It was whether he did something that he could have been prosecuted for,” Walsh, pastor of St. Raymond of Penafort in Mount Airy, said noting that he was not speaking for other priests. ‘There’s not a sense we’re getting past this.'”

So true. How can the Church get past this when there have been no solutions? How can we get past this when an accused pastor, such as Father Paul, is left in his parish without informing parents. There is no peace for victims, families or even priests until moral and ethical common sense is applied when law and regulations fail us.

Click here to read: “Lynn ruling elates supporter, deflates victim advocates,” by Aubrey Whelan, The…

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