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Archbishop Nienstedt Steps Aside in Minnesota

Statement from Voice of the Faithful® national office

Boston, Mass, Dec. 17, 2013 — Voice of the Faithful® agrees with the step Minneapolis and St. Paul Archbishop John Nienstedt is taking after allegations he touched a boy inappropriately. News reports say he is stepping aside while the allegation is investigated. In doing so, he is following the U.S. bishops’ guidelines for protecting children.

This action demonstrates that no one in the Church, whether bishop or employee, should be protected from the consequences of such allegations. Voice of the Faithful® would prefer that other bishops had been so diligent during these past decades of scandal. However, VOTF also believes that Archbishop Nienstedt should have resigned previously, when it became clear that child protection guidelines had not been followed in the past under his tenure.

Voice of the Faithful®: Voice of the Faithful® is a worldwide movement of faithful Roman Catholics working to support survivors of clergy sexual abuse, support priests of integrity and increase the laity’s role in governance and guidance of the Church. More information is at

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Dutch Catholic Church Calls for End to Silence over Sexual Abuse /

Catholic church cardinal Wim Eijk has made a call in the Telegraaf for people to come clean about the sexual abuse of children by church officials. Eijk made the appeal two years after the publication of a major report into abuse in Catholic institutions. The cardinal noted in his appeal that a quarter of all ongoing and finalized cases were abandoned because of a lack of evidence.” By — Click here to read the rest of this article.

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Pope Francis: Without Prophecy, Only Clericalism / Vatican Radio

Voice of the Faithful® has defined clericalism as an overriding set of beliefs and behaviors in which the clergy view themselves as different, separate, and exempt from the norms, rules and consequences that apply to everyone else in society.

“A church without prophets falls into the trap of clericalism. These were the words of Pope Francis during his homily at Mass on Monday (Dec. 16) morning in the Vatican’s Casa Santa Marta.” By Vatican Radio — Click here to read the rest of this report.

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Will Pope Francis Discipline/Remove Bishops Involved in Coverups?


Editor’s note: Kathy and I are so pleased that Pope Francis was chosen as Time Magazine’s Person of the Year. It shows that the Catholic Faith can still be relevant in today’s society. It shows that a Christlike approach is appreciated by all – not just Catholics. Yet, all that can be undone by the evil and ignorance still thriving in regard to clergy child sex abuse.


Guest blog: by Sister Maureen Paul Turlish 

Will Pope Francis address the single most critical issue of the Catholic Church’s sex abuse scandal? 

Given the description of the pope’s commission on clerical child abuse, especially coming after a “United Nations panel criticized the Vatican over its handling of abuse cases,” with the Vatican saying, “that the responsibility for such cases rested with individual bishops,” expectations on such a significant level have been decidedly mixed. 

Pope Francis’ words establishing this new…

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Conservative Cardinal Dropped from Key Vatican Post

Cardinal Raymond Burke Removed from the Congregation of Bishops

Pope Francis’ plan to reform the Roman Curia is primarily a two-pronged approach: changing the bureaucratic structures and changing the members of Vatican agencies. Today (Dec. 16) we saw yet another sign that the new pope wants people in synch with his more pastoral vision of the church, and in particular with his views on what makes a good bishop. U.S. Cardinal Raymond Burke has been dropped from the Congregation for Bishops, an office that wields tremendous influence in shaping the world’s hierarchy.” By John Thavis from Vatican City on — Click here to read the rest of Thavis’ article.

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