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Voice of the Faithful Distinguished Layperson Award Recipient Analyzes Pope’s New Abuse Commission

The author of the following story, Jason Berry, received the Voice of the Faithful® St. Catherine of Siena Distinguished Layperson Award in 2009. Berry, an author, investigative journalist, and documentary producer, began holding the Catholic Church’s clergy sexual abuse scandal up to the light more than 25 years ago.

News that the Vatican will create a commission to address its global sex abuse crisis comes 11 years after American bishops, amid devastating media coverage from the Boston scandal, met for their summer conference in Dallas, trailed by 700 journalists.

“With help from RF Binder, a Madison Avenue public relations firm specializing in damage control, the US Conference of Catholic Bishops by parliamentary vote enacted a youth protection charter, predicated on ‘zero tolerance.’

“They also announced the formation of a National Review Board of 12 blue-ribbon Catholics to research the crisis and offer an agenda for resolution …

“The report called for transparency and oversight of bishops to halt the practice of concealing and recycling sex offenders.

But as Justice (Anne) Burke (Illinois Supreme Court, member of the U.S. bishops’ initial clergy sexual abuse review board, and featured speaker at Voice of the Faithful 10th Year Conference®) told GlobalPost, “The bishops did not follow our recommendations. They set up barriers for our work from the very beginning.”

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