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As Pope Meets Curia, New Secretary of State Makes Waves / John Thavis Blog

As Pope Francis presided over a meeting of Roman Curia department heads today (Sept. 10), his new pick for Secretary of State was making news on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. Archbishop Pietro Parolin, in an interview with the Venezuelan newspaper El Universal, said among other things that the church’s tradition of priestly celibacy was not dogma and was therefore open to discussion. And he said that while the church was not a democracy, it needs to reflect the democratic spirit of the times and adopt a collegial way of governing. Neither statement is exactly groundbreaking, but the fact that the new secretary of state feels free to make them says a lot about the current atmosphere in the Vatican.” By John Thavis, journalist, author and speaker specializing in Vatican affairs.

Read Thavis’ entire article by clicking here.

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Priest Recounts in Essay Released in Church Files of Fleeing from LA after Abuse Confession / Associated Press

The orders the Rev. Carlos Rodriguez got from his religious superiors after he confessed to molesting a 16-year-old boy just hours before were swift and decisive: Leave immediately. Check into a motel. Don’t tell anyone where you are going.” Wait for further instructions. By Gillian Flaccus, Associated Press

Read Gillian Flaccus’ entire article by clicking here.

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