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Vatican Religious Prefect: Gender Inequality Exists in the Church / National Catholic Reporter

Gender inequality exists in the Catholic church because men and women forget they cannot be “fully human” without one another, a key Vatican cardinal said in May. “Man without woman is not fully human,” Cardinal João Braz de Aviz said. “And woman without man is not fully human either. Each without the other is a piece of humanity, incomplete.

“Throughout history, we have had many difficulties in this area,” Braz de Aviz said. “History became a primarily masculine enterprise. For many reasons — political, anthropological — this mode also dominated religion …

“Obedience and authority need to be re-visioned,” Braz de Aviz said. “An authority that commands kills. An authority that serves generates life. An obedience that merely copies what the other says infantilizes, makes us less human.”

By Joshua McElwee and Biagio Mazza, National Catholic Reporter

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