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Criteria for Choosing Bishops Can Go One Step Further / National Catholic Reporter

‘Meek and merciful’: Does that sound like your bishop or the kind of bishop you hope might be appointed to your diocese? How’d you like a local ordinary you could describe as ‘gentle, patient … animated by inner poverty … and also by outward simplicity and austerity of life’? What would you think of a bishop who was not ambitious and wasn’t looking for a bigger, more prestigious see? How about a bishop without ‘the psychology of princes’? This is not a wish list from progressive Catholics. These are qualities that episcopal candidates should have, Pope Francis told a gathering of papal ambassadors June 21.”

Read this entire editorial from National Catholic Reporter by clicking here.

Spoilers’ Alert — The editorial concludes:

[Benedictine Abbot Peter] Von Sury [of Mariastein Abbey in Switzerland] said that during the first millennium, three authorities were decisive in nominating a new bishop to a diocese, namely, the local faithful, the local clergy and the neighboring bishops, which today would be the equivalent of the local bishops’ conference. ‘That is a procedure that makes sense,’ he said. We (National Catholic Reporter editorial staff) agree.”

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The Church’s Errant Shepherds / The New York Times

Boston, Philadelphia, Los Angeles. The archdioceses change but the overarching story line doesn’t, and last week Milwaukee had a turn in the spotlight, with the release of roughly 6,000 pages of records detailing decades of child sexual abuse by Roman Catholic priests there, a sweeping, searing encyclopedia of crime and insufficient punishment.”

Read Frank Bruni’s entire New York Times op-ed column, “The Church’s Errant Shepherds,” by clicking here. Also of interest is “Milwaukee Archdiocese Files Show Pressure on Dolan” by the Associated Press in The New York Times. Read it by clicking here.

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