Milwaukee Bishops Didn’t Disclose Accused Abusers / National Catholic Reporter

In the 1980s, the bishops of the Milwaukee archdiocese dealt with priests who sexually abused minors in much the same way they handled those who were alcoholics or even those who had credit problems: they assumed the issue could be resolved through therapy or similar means, former Archbishop Rembert George Weakland said in a 2011 deposition released this week.”

You can read Kate Simmons’ National Catholic Reporter article, “Weakland: Milwaukee Bishops Didn’t Disclose Accused Abusers,”  by clicking here.

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  1. #1 by gloria sullivan on July 3, 2013 - 1:22 PM

    I’ve been a member of VOTF for 12 yrs. They used to publish my comments but only one lately. They seem to think I am trying to get the faithful to leave the rcc. I am not! I only want to inform them as to what’s going on in a church that is so flawed with evil that I can’t bear to see them side traked,! When, they could be doing so much good for those who have been Spiritually Murdered by those of the clergy that sexually abuse God’s precious children. No matter what state they are in; too young to understand, or those fearfull of what may happen if they tell and those who are marginalized;meaning many have been so handicapped by being deaf and blind. in institutions run by the RCC.This has happened all over the Catholic world by clergy and known by the Hierarachy and ignored.
    They have put their priorities on their people, (priests, nuns and brothers) and have actually said so. Not caring a “hoot” what happens to the young sexually abused
    How can any person of God ignore such evil? I do hope you publish this. For the sake of those who don’t know nwant to do something for the KINGDON OF GOD.


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