Audit Shows Capuchin Abuse Spanning Decades

Last year, the Capuchins opened their files to an independent audit of sexual abuse allegations made against them. The audit showed that, over eight decades, the Capuchins had placed protecting themselves above protecting children. Here are three news reports of the audit findings and a link to the audit report:

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  1. #1 by glorybe1929 on June 19, 2013 - 1:57 PM

    It takes a long time from the time you first hear about the many abuses in the RCC. It took us almost 25 yrs to find out what our family members( that were in religious orders) told us was going on that I would never believe.. I thought the institution of the Catholic Church was perfect ( just like my Lord Jesus Christ) They( the priests nuns and brothers) always told us to forgive and that God was in charge. That’s trueHE IS TOTOALLY IN CHARGE but HE WILL NOT TAKE AWAY OUR FREE WILL HE will not be anything but a gentle person with our” free will” but HE will get angry when evil persists and people (who should know better) do Nothing to stop it!. . And that’s what has happened over the many milleniums of an IMPERFECT PEOPLE doing evil things in this IMPERFECT WORLD!.
    We must always be on our guard, to not be naive, and do what CHRIST says is necessary to irradicate evil from us.(not what men say in an institution of religion) . He gives us all our guide lines in the Holy Bible.(such as obey your earthl ylaws, so that anarchy does not set in)
    Good must defeat evil in this world, as GOD has told us in HIS WORD!
    HE is perfect and we strive to be as HE is. We can’t be perfect but we must try!
    .Pray always and Praise GOD for the Goodnes HE gives us on a daily basis
    .Always HELP those less fortunate than you! Be generous as GOD is generous to you!. You have the breath of life within you and HE Is always with you. DO AS HE COMMANDS. No other has that right over you.


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