Serious Misunderstandings Exist Between Vatican/LCWR & Vatican Religious Prefect Says He Was Left Out of LCWR Discussions

The head of the U.S. Leadership Conference of Women Religious told nuns worldwide on Saturday that “serious misunderstandings” exist between Vatican officials and Catholic sisters, while on Sunday, the head of the Vatican’s Congregation for Religious, Cardinal Joao Braz de Aviz, claimed he was neither consulted, nor had prior knowledge of the Vatican’s decision to place the LCWR under the control of bishops.

You can read Joshua McElwee’s reports in National Catholic Reporter online by clicking the headlines below.

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  1. #1 by glorybe1929 on May 6, 2013 - 5:13 PM

    We teach our children and we do the same for our selves,”TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR OUR SPEECH AND OUR ACTIONS”. !
    Too bad the RCC can’t do the same. There is always some excuse, just like a “child”/ They act as children, rather than educated adults. The fact that they are single and have no one to really care for and be accountable to but to themselves, makes them even worse because of the positions they hold, which are given by this institution….. to be with every age and gender. Their educations are certainly lacking in every possible way….They are involved with young and old, married and single, gay and straight, good people and bad people and all types of educational backgrounds.
    They feel very superior to most adults and lord it over the children with fear in the confessional. The confessional,for them I would think ,to be a huge burden, [ which is not a Biblical necessity](as the rcc says it is) It does to a priest a very wrong thing !!. ( No responsibility for their sins, but they know all of yours, which is none of their business) I’ts God’s job..!!.not theirs. !! They cannot take the place of God no matter what they say or are told too do. It’s wrong!
    If I had to hear confessions on a weekly basis it would make me sick. And you know what..? Many of them are verysick in ways no person could ever contemplate. They seem to be above everyone else and expect to be treated as such. Sadly the “sheeple” comply with all sorts of stuff, plus adoration as if they were gods…which they think they above the general public but love the rich…You get prestige and usually anything you want or need from the rich..Not so the “needy or holy people”
    You never have any comments. Why are you afraid of normal exchange of Christian ideas? That’s how we grow .. with dialogue!.Very important in the “instant communication world!” They get a way with nothing.. and neither does anyone.

    Read.Mathew paraphrase; .God says everything will be revealed that is hidden, all secrets will become known and when you hear it , shout it from the housetops. This is GOD’S ADMONITION , not mine.


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