Hard Questions about Pope Francis in Argentina and a Lesson from Chile / National Catholic Reporter

National Catholic Reporter’s John L. Allen, Jr., has been in Argentina reporting on Pope Francis’ tenure there as Archbishop Jorge Mario Bergoglio. He says that, while there, he asked the following questions and found the best answers he could:

  • Bergoglio’s response to two priests accused of sexual abuse, where critics have suggested he dropped the ball
  • Why Argentina’s conference of Catholic bishops did not finish a set of sex abuse guidelines while he served as president
  • Bergoglio’s relationship with Argentina’s military dictatorship as a Jesuit provincial during the 1970s
  • Bergoglio’s attitude toward liberation theology
  • Confusion over where Bergoglio stood on the question of civil unions during a contentious national debate on gay marriage in 2009 and 2010

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  1. #1 by Gloria Sullivan on April 12, 2013 - 2:07 PM

    I just had a phone call (political survey) that I found hard to answer. re; all of the above. On most of it I said, “#3”, as I can’t really know (#3 is if you have questions)So I can see how it would be difficult for anyone to make a definitive answer. I know Jesus said “render unto to Cesar what is his and to God what is HIS “but somtimes you wonder what that woud be? I guess if it;s the Law of the Land you should (according to your conscience) go along with it. Civil unions seem ok to me but “marriage “is a question. already (imo)answered….!!.Change the name or whatever but quit the discussion. and do it.


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