Voice of the Faithful® Prays for Pope & a Renewed Church as Benedict XVI Steps Down

Voice of the Faithful® prays for Pope Benedict XVI’s spiritual and physical health as he announces his resignation today, a move the Catholic Church has not seen for 600 years. The worldwide Catholic Church reform movement also prays that the new pope will be willing to listen to and discern the collective wisdom of all the people of God.

VOTF also hopes that, following the transition to a new pope, the Church can move more quickly toward full disclosure in the worldwide clergy sexual abuse scandal, accountability for those who have abetted the scandal, less secrecy in Church operation and a greater voice for the laity in how the Church is run.

Once thought of as an American problem, the clergy sexual abuse scandal circled the world by 2010, and revelations since 2002 have clearly shown the Church hierarchy knew about clergy sexual abuse for decades and kept it secret by transferring pedophile priests and covering up their crimes.

Despite Pope Benedict’s efforts to make a greater commitment to cleaning up the abuse scandal and address financial improprieties, the church still faces numerous problems, such as, loss of collegiality between Vatican curia and bishops, narrow doctrinal definitions that challenge valid theological inquiries, refusal to discuss the second-class status of women in the Church, demands that religious woman subordinate their social justice missions to Vatican control and, ultimately, a failure to hold accountable all bishops who were complicit in covering up clergy sexual abuse.

VOTF prays a new pope will emphasize transparency and accountability that can heal rifts in the Church and lead to fulfillment of Vatican II promises for a renewed Church, one open to ministering within today’s world rather than seeking a return to a world many centuries past.

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  1. #1 by glorybe1929 on February 11, 2013 - 4:19 PM

    There is an ongoing trial in the INTERNATIONAL CRIMINAL COURT IN THE HAGUE , NETHERLANDS that will soon be coming up and the trial IS AGAINST the RCC and the POPE for CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. I think the pope is scared to death. If he claims bad health and or something else and goes into seclusion for religious reasons, he thinks he may get out of testifying. He can hide, he thinks and let someone else take his fall. He wants to get outta Dodge. My prayer is that NO POPE comes forth. Let the Court shut down this unbiblical place they call Church. It’s not! WE ARE THE CHURCH…THE PEOPLE OF GOD.


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