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Cardinal Schonborn of Austria Calls for More Lay Involvement in the Church

One of the Catholic Church’s leading clerics, Cardinal Richard Schonborn of Austria, recently had this to say about the laity:

… we want to favor a growing number of small Christian communities led by laity – laity who aren’t full-time, who aren’t bureaucrats, but volunteers. These are people living in the field, who do what laity in many parishes and other communities already do, which is to take responsibility for a large part of the life of the church, the vibrant aspects of community life. We want to implement more explicitly the great theme of Vatican II: the common priesthood of all the baptized, with the ministerial priesthood at its service, promoting the holiness of the people of God. Laity today – or, I would rather say, the baptized today – are fully capable of being true witnesses to faith in Christ in their daily lives, and therefore in the lives of small Christian communities.” (our emphasis)

Cardinal Schonborn was being interviewed on Oct. 23 by John L. Allen, Jr., of National Catholic Reporter during the Bishops Synod on the New Evangelization in Rome.

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