Voice of the Faithful — A Decade of Catholic Activism

James E. Post

James E. Post, Voice of the Faithful Advisory Council member and former president

“Ten years have passed since clergy sexual abuse became an unwelcome mark of shame on the Catholic Church, disgracing its bishops and transforming the laity’s understanding of their identity as Caholics. As with the recent Penn State scandal, American Catholics have insisted that clergy sexual abuse does not define who we are, nor what our Church believes. But the image endures.”

So begins Voice of the Faithful — A Decade of Catholic Activism, an article about the Voice of the Faithful® movement especially written by James E. Post to mark our 10th year. Post, who is a VOTF founder and former president, is now a member of VOTF’s Advisory Council, and he is the John F. Smith Jr. Professor of Management at Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts. He is shown at left addressing attendees at VOTF’s recent 10th Year Conference.

Read the entire article here … 

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