LCWR response offers new vision for being church | National Catholic Reporter

“In its response to the Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith doctrinal assessment to their organization, the Leadership Conference of Women Religious Aug. 10 issued a statement reflective of its belief that life is a journey, and that if one responds affirmatively to risk-taking in a loving and generous way, albeit within the context of Great Mystery, then one is properly answering a call to participate in God’s plan for humanity and the wider creation process.” By Timothy C. Fox, National Catholic Reporter

LCWR response offers new vision for being church | National Catholic Reporter

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  1. #1 by Ron DuBois on August 14, 2012 - 4:04 PM

    The mandate of the CDF to the LCWR may just be the breakthrough that is needed in the Catholic Church today. The Vatican and the bishops have handed to the leadership of LCWR an unparalleled opportunity for lay people (the sisters are lay women) to speak truth to power, to dialog directly with those who claim authority over the entire church. The sisters will not back down from their commitment to following the gospel, to reading the signs of the times, and to fidelity to the central teachings of the Second Vatican Council. The sisters are being given a bully-pulpit to represent the kind of yearnings that we in VOTF have for the future of the Church. We need to follow carefully and support diligently the steps that the sisters take in facing this challenge.


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