Sex Abuse Statutes of Limitation Stir Battle –

Voice of the Faithful members have joined others in states across the nation in efforts to extend statues of limitations on child sexual abuse cases, considering that most victims never confront their abuse as children, but only when much older. the Catholic Church has fought these efforts in every instance —

“While the first criminal trial of a Roman Catholic church official accused of covering up child sexual abuse has drawn national attention to Philadelphia, the church has been quietly engaged in equally consequential battles over abuse, not in courtrooms but in state legislatures around the country. The fights concern proposals to loosen statutes of limitations, which impose deadlines on when victims can bring civil suits or prosecutors can press charges. These time limits, set state by state, have held down the number of criminal prosecutions and civil lawsuits against all kinds of people accused of child abuse — not just clergy members, but also teachers, youth counselors and family members accused of incest.”

By Laurie Goodstein and Erik Eckholm, The New York Times 

Sex Abuse Statutes of Limitation Stir Battle –

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