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Vatican’s bank moves to lift veil of secrecy –

Vatican’s bank moves to lift veil of secrecy –

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Judge Orders File Release By Kansas City Catholic Hierarchy | KCUR

Judge Orders File Release By Kansas City Catholic Hierarchy | KCUR.

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Vatican Declares Bishop Sheen Venerable; Let’s Not Forget His Charge to Us

The Congregation for the Causes of the Saints, with Pope Benedict XVI’s approval, has officially opened the cause of American Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen for canonization. At this time, let’s not forget his charge to us —

Who is going to save our Church? Not our bishops, not our priests and religious. It is up to the people. You have the minds, the eyes, the ears to save the Church. Your mission is to see that your priests act like priests, your bishops like bishops and your religious act like religious.”

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The verdict in Philadelphia | National Catholic Reporter

Jerry Sandusky’s conviction of 45 counts of child abuse pushed Msgr. Lynn’s child endangerment conviction to the back pages of the news, but those who needed to hear about Lynn’s verdict, heard it — “not a chancery official in the land can think that covering up for an abuser will protect the institution.”

The verdict in Philadelphia | National Catholic Reporter.

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Parish Priest Speaks Out On Silence | Catholics4Change

This parish priest points out from the pulpit regarding clergy sexual abuse and Msgr. Lynn’s conviction on child endangerment that “those directly in charge, the bishops, have yet to claim or accept responsibility for their own horrific part in this painful scandal.”

Parish Priest Speaks Out On Silence | Catholics4Change.

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The 21st Century American Catholic: Guilty!

This blog was posted June 23 by a theologian/educator close to the situation in the Philadelphia Archdiocese and offers another view on Msgr. Lynn’s conviction on June 22 —

The 21st Century American Catholic: Guilty!.

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Lynn Convicted; Sad Day for the Catholic Church

Although the conviction of Msgr. William Lynn today in Philadelphia of child endangerment is a sad day for the Catholic Church, the conviction at least imposes a measure of accountability on the Church hierarchy for covering up the sexual abuse of children by Catholic clergy.

For years, Voice of the Faithful and other advocates have called on the Church to hold accountable bishops and other officials who abetted abuse by keeping it secret. Lynn is the first, and thus far the only, member of the Church hierarchy who has been held accountable for covering up abuse, and it took civil authorities to force that accountability.

Voice of the Faithful has been calling for years for transparency in the way the Church handles clergy sexual abuse and for accountability of those who have abetted abuse by keeping it secret.

Sadly, the civil authority now has had to bring to justice a Church official for endangering children by helping to keep their abusers’ crimes hidden instead of the Church being completely forthcoming years ago at the time the abuse occurred.

The Roman Catholic Church cannot hope to heal the deep wounds to victims, their families, faithful Catholics and the Church itself until the hierarchy is completely honest about this scandal and demonstrates a commitment to justice and accountability at least equal to that displayed by the court in Philadelphia.

Voice of the Faithful once again calls on the Vatican and the bishops to hold accountable those among them who knowingly failed to remove child sex abusers from the clerical ranks.

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