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What if no one came forward to receive Communion?

The Catholic Church in Austria has been roiling with dissent. More than 87,000 have left the Church in the last two years; Austrian theologians were among the several hundred last year who signed a letter to the Vatican requesting dialogue on issues like ordination of women and married men; and last year the 400-strong Austrian Priest Initiative issued its Call to Disobedience, which, among other things, advocates for giving Communion to everyone who wants to receive it in good faith.

During a first communion Mass April 22, the celebrant cautioned that “only Catholics in a state of grace should come forward to Communion.” No adult in the church, which was packed with congregants to see children receive their first Communion, came forward to receive the Host.

This story was reported yesterday in National Catholic Reporter, Austrian Parish Listens to Priest, None Receive the Host.

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