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Commentary Supporting Nuns Getting Louder

Since last Wednesday, Apr. 18, when the Vatican Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith mandated reform of the Leadership Council for Women Religious, commentary supporting the sisters has been getting louder. An example is today’s Grace on the Margins column by Jamie Manson, who writes regularly in in National Catholic Reporter. Those following the story will recall that the Vatican is faulting the sisters for doctrinal impurity. Manson recalls Pope Benedict XVI’s Holy Thursday sermon on a false obedience of human “caprice” and points out how the sisters’ “devotion is founded on a radical obedience to the voice of God as it emerges from the voices of the poor, the sick, the abandoned and the broken.” You may read her entire column online, LCWR: A radical obedience to the voice of God in our time.

Jamie L. Manson received her Master of Divinity degree from Yale Divinity School, where she studied Catholic theology and sexual ethics. Her columns for NCR earned her a first prize Catholic Press Association award for Best Column/Regular Commentary in 2010. She will speak at Voice of the Faithful’s 10th Year Conference in Boston this September.

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