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Symposium on Clergy Sexual Abuse Begins in Rome

Roman Catholic Church leaders from around the world gathered today in Rome to discuss clergy sexual abuse. Towards Healing and Renewal at the Pontifical Gregorian University has attracted hundreds of Church leaders to discuss ways to deal with clergy sexual abuse on a global scale. The horrendous crime of sexually abusing children notwithstanding, why the symposium was organized and what it will accomplish seem to depend on your attitude toward the scandal. The press is not allowed to view the symposium’s presentations, but press conferences are being held and presenters have been available for interviews. Here is a bit of the initial media coverage:

Voice of the Faithful issues its statement on the symposium Jan. 24.

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Archdiocese Hit for Secret Balance Sheet

To say that this past year has been a particularly troubling time for Roman Catholics in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia certainly would be an understatement. Now, they are dealing with a painful reorganization, like many diocese around the country, that is calling for school and parish closings. Responding to the reorganization effort, Voice of the Faithful in Greater Philadelphia chairperson Marita Green has written a guest column in the Delaware County Daily News. In Archdiocese Hit for Secret Balance Sheet, she takes the archdiocese to task for not being forthcoming about how it’s spending its, read parishioners’, money.

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